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Microsoft Germany CTO Announces GPT-4 Launch with Video Generation Capabilities


Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun has announced the launch of GPT-4, the fourth generation of the revolutionary large language model (LLM) that enables machines to comprehend natural language. GPT-4 is expected to offer new possibilities including multi-modality, video processing, and faster responses. It will be a game changer in AI and another leap towards accurate human interpretation.

AI: A Lifelong Companion

Artificial intelligence technology - Lifelong Companion

AI: A Lifelong Companion for a Healthier, Safer and Prosperous LifeThe world is changing rapidly, and technology is playing a vital role in this change. Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the most promising technologies of our time, and its potential to improve our lives is immense. From improving healthcare and job security, to reducing accidents and risks, AI has the potential to greatly enhance our lives.

Revolutionizing Education: Discovering the Immersive World of Learning at the University of Metaverse

Education in the Metaverse, virtual reality - University of Metaverse

Discover the future of education at the University of Metaverse, where inventor and entrepreneur Noman Shah is revolutionizing the way we learn through virtual reality and augmented reality technology. Explore immersive learning experiences and unlock your potential in the metaverse.

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse with the Launch of NFT Cloud

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse - University of Metaverse

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse, a New NFT minting and selling platform will be released by Cloud-based software giant Salesforce in October 2022.  Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse with the Launch of NFT Cloud: To satisfy the surging interest of people in NFT minting and selling, the cloud-based software giant Salesforce has launched its NFT […]

University of Metaverse Virtual Campus in Frame

Metaverse virtual campus - University of Metaverse

University of Metaverse Virtual Campus in Frame Campus in Metaverse: One of the biggest applications of virtual reality and metaverse technology has to do with education and the possibility of virtual reality classes coming true. Students and educators can join U of Metaverse virtual campus from anywhere, go on learning journeys together, and engage in […]