Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse with the Launch of NFT Cloud

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse - University of Metaverse

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse, a New NFT minting and selling platform will be released by Cloud-based software giant Salesforce in October 2022. 

Salesforce Steps in NFT Metaverse with the Launch of NFT Cloud: To satisfy the surging interest of people in NFT minting and selling, the cloud-based software giant Salesforce has launched its NFT cloud at CNX22. The platform is said to be available by October to help people mint and sell their NFTs. Adam Caplan, Senior Vice President at Salesforce, said while addressing Bloomberg, “brands are likely to use NFTs for the purpose of engagement and access rather than selling collectibles without functional utility”.

Salesforce NFT cloud
Salesforce NFT cloud

The Salesforce NFT cloud is currently a pilot program and available to a limited client base. The blockchain platform to be used for minting NFTs has not been yet specified by the company. Concerning the environment, it is decided that any energy-intensive blockchain will not be used. 

Top three moments were served at the Salesforce CNX22 viz. 

NFT Cloud Launch
A Fierce Fashion show with equality leaders
New Commerce Cloud and Marketing Cloud features. 

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